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Bosline Technologies is a Singapore based IT company established in 2010, spearheading the global sales and marketing of Bosline products. Innovative, reliable and quality proven products with good human touch aspects, our global customers are confident of Bosline products presentation equipped with a non-compromise attitude on quality.

Bosline UPS Labs is a professional ISO 9001 certified UPS manufacturer. Our Labs was established in 2008 and specialises in the R&D, Production and Quality assurance of Bosline UPS products. Through years of strong development, Bosline UPS Labs has over 100 employees based in our factory and 4 dedicated production lines for our global customer production requirements.

Since the establishment of Bosline UPS Labs, we have exported our UPS products to the international market. We are proud to have the support of distributors and customers from over 40 countries in Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, North and South America countries. Bosline UPS Labs has also achieved the status of being a long term reliable partner for many OEM brands.

As a professional manufacturer, Bosline UPS Labs researches and manufacturers all the UPS key parts from R&D, Tooling, UPS Case and UPS Batteries. All Bosline UPS are fitted with Bosline batteries to ensure good quality performance. Our highly regarded R&D team guarantees the leading position of Bosline UPS Labs with strong production capability and strict quality control system for fast delivery.

Please contact us now for all your UPS requirements and we will prove to you with Bosline good prices and quality standard.